Netflix Ventures Into True Crime With First Trailer For New Documentary Making A Murderer


Netflix is on the verge of opening up the case of one Steven Avery with Making a Murderer, a brand new documentary series that will debut on the streaming platform on December 18.

Bearing the evocative tagline “the truth will haunt you,” today’s teaser trailer tees up the criminal case of Avery, who was convicted of a rape case leading him to spend the next 18 years behind bars. As new information came to light, however, allegations of police and prosecutorial misconduct began rearing their head, not to mention coercion between leading witnesses that deemed Avery guilty of the heinous act.

Low and behold, after almost two decades spent in prison, he was exonerated based on DNA evidence, only to become embroiled in a murder investigation – one which he emerged as the lead suspect – a mere two years after his release.

This is his story:

In a world where reputation is everything and things are never as they appear…The countdown begins as we’re just a week away from sharing the riveting, high-stakes criminal case of Steven Avery with the world. The docu-series follows Avery, a recent DNA exoneree at the brink of a new, more devastating trial — accused of murder. Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos take us along for a shocking ride where they dig deep into every angle of the Avery case, gathering archival materials, and interviewing those closest to him, uncovering many questions left unanswered, including the fate of Steven Avery.

Retaining all the familiar tropes of a crime documentary, the debut trailer for Making a Murderer opens by painting Avery as a loving and caring family man, before denouncing the justice system for “screwing up big time” with his case. However, that golden image comes crashing down when he emerges as prime suspect in the murder of a young woman. Beyond that, not much was disclosed with today’s snippet, though we’re quietly optimistic that Netflix’s non-fiction drama can hook in an audience.

In keeping with Netflix’x M.O., all 10 episodes of Making a Murderer will make their bow on the streaming platform come December 18 – because we all need a respite before venturing out to see The Force Awakens for the second time, right?