Netflix’s Britney Spears Documentary Has Its First Trailer

Britney Spears

Over the past year, pop star Britney Spears has made headlines for the strange situation surrounding her conservatorship which began more than 13 years ago, and Netflix is set to take viewers further into the situation with the documentary Britney vs Spears launching later this month.

The streaming platform shared the poster for this upcoming series with the ominous captions “No more secrets. No more silence.” earlier today, followed shortly by an extended trailer for the documentary.

Running for just over one minute, the trailer boasts a team of investigators looking into the situation around Spears conservatorship with one expert stating “I’ve represented dozens of conservatees in court, not one of them has had a job.”

Prior to the release of this trailer the production had a teaser trailer dropped on Sept. 21, which showcased an 18-second recording of a message Spears had left for an attorney back in 2009 asking about the process of eliminating the conservatorship.

Even after that call, the situation around the conservatorship would not come to light until earlier this year when Spears spoke of it in court. Due to the conservatorship Spears has been left under the legal control of her father Jaime Spears for the past 13 years.

This isn’t the first documentary to air related to Spears and this situation, but the trailer appears to indicate that it will bring new footage to the forefront. Britney vs Spears is set to premiere on Netflix, September 28th.