Netflix’s Frontier Trailer Finds Jason Momoa Going Savage


On the big screen, Jason Momoa will soon assume the role of Aquaman within the DC cinematic universe (after a cameo in Dawn of Justice), but the Game of Thrones alum won’t be leaving the small screen behind anytime soon. That’s because he’s set to lead Frontier, Netflix’s latest, grizzled period drama, which finds the long-haired, bearded actor as a fur trader gone rogue, killing and disfiguring those who’ve wronged him in the name of revenge and power in the late 1700s. Expect violence and betrayal aplenty.

Created by Peter and Rob Blackie (Republic of Doyle), Frontier‘s first trailer isn’t afraid to showcase the blood, sweat and villainous anger that will be found in the new streaming series. As an outlaw giving headaches to the Hudson’s Bay Company, the largest single landowner at the time and the ones with the monopoly on the fur trade business in the land of soon-to-be Canada, Momoa’s Declan Harp is out for fame, control and wealth, however he can find it — and he often finds it at the end of a blade, it seems. Don’t expect a lot of friends to made in the process here, in what looks like a cross between The Revenant and a little bit of Braveheart.

While nothing looks especially bad in this new preview, Frontier also doesn’t seem that different from anything you’ll find in the dramatic arts on the Discovery Channel. Momoa’s unique screen presence gives the series a little more heft, certainly, but it’s hard to tell if he’ll ultimately make that much of an impact in the overall show based solely on this trailer. Whether Frontier lives up to any expectations or not will be known when it premieres later this month, on January 20th.

Source: /Film