Netflix’s Love Season 2 Teaser Promises An Eventful Return


Since its series premiere last year, Love remains one of Netflix’s most under-appreciated original programs. The freshly energized comedy show is witty, wild, self-contained and usually always funny, and while its misanthrope protagonists aren’t always the most, well, lovable characters, they’re constantly interesting and quietly endearing in their self-inflicted problems. The streaming site stayed mum about its promised second season for a while, but now we know when it’ll return – March 10, as seen in this breezy new teaser trailer.

In just 30 seconds, Love leaves a litany of questions. What’s the deal with that little girl and the house fire? Is that a scene-within-a-scene from Witchita, the series-within-the-series? Why is Bobby Lee’s character chasing down Mickey (Gillian Jacobs)? Why are the police tracking down Gus (co-creator Paul Rust) in a field? And is that David Spade for a hot second? Curious fans like myself have to wait to get these questions and more answered from the romantic dramedy series.

With its announced March debut, Love‘s newest season comes a month later than its series premiere, which debuted close to Valentine’s Day. Perhaps a running theme is to release it one month later with each season, which is like how the characters themselves get older and more mature as the series continues? Or maybe I’m just reading into it too much?

Created by Rust, Lesley Arfin and Judd Apatow, Love follows nice guy neurotic Gus and self-effacing wild girl Mickey as they coast through their yin/yang relationship in LA. It’s easy to see why it doesn’t have the same appeal as Stranger Things or Orange is the New Black, but those who like their lightly-touched 30-something romances can find a lot to like in this lovable series. Hopefully, the second season meets us as warmly as the first one did. It’s rare to see an Apatow series that, you know, gets two seasons.