Netflix’s ‘Oddballs’ seems popular but is divisive with viewers

Image via Netflix

The Netflix children’s show Oddballs has some people up in arms over supposed adult content, while others are praising it as an excellent show for kids. There isn’t a lot of in between.

Earlier this month, Netflix released a show about a bubble-shaped boy who likes to question social norms. He’s joined by a not-too-smart crocodile named Max and a time-traveling girl named Echo, as well as a fun carousel of supporting characters.

The show, created by James Rallison and Ethan Banville, is based on TheOdd1sOut, Rallison’s YouTube channel. It’s getting a lot of attention. Let’s start with the negative.

Here’s one user who definitely didn’t like it.

It’s just not that good, so stream something else, another user said.

Alright, internet perso,n calm down. No one’s making you watch it.

At least give it a chance!

They’re also coming after the voice acting.

Okay, we get the point. Some people simply don’t like the show. But the people who love it seem to REALLY love it.

It’s ruined relationships!

But worth it?

Many praised the humor of the show.

So much love!

Not exactly an adult cartoon but okay.

There’s already clamoring for season 2.

One of the good things (or bad if you hate it) is that all this conversation is simply drawing more attention to the show, and it’s in the Netflix Top Ten in the United States. Not bad for a new show at all.

You can decide if the show is good or not yourself as Oddballs is currently streaming on the platform. No word yet on a second season but we’ll keep you posted.