Netflix’s Top 3 Original Shows Revealed, And They May Surprise You


Netflix is popular all around the world because people love to binge great content, and that can be best achieved with a service that compiles said content into an easily-digestible format. After taking the world by storm with its core design philosophy, Netflix began creating original programming in 2013, and in the years since, that content has propelled the streamer to the forefront of the industry.

However, as universal as the love for Netflix may be, different countries around the world share unique interests and watching habits, meaning that some of the films and shows that are extremely popular in India may barely be a blip on the radar in somewhere like America. Even so, some shows and films transcend this trend and become immensely popular across multiple countries, securing themselves as global sensations.

For instance, Stranger Things  is currently the most popular Netflix Original show in the world, earning its #1 spot in 97 countries. This includes nearly every country across North America, South America and Mexico, as well as all of Russia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. All three seasons of the show have been incredibly successful thus far, and its upcoming fourth season is all but certain to maintain its momentum and fan base.

Moving down the list, and 45 countries – primarily in Africa and parts of the Middle East – are head-over-heels for Judd Apatow’s romantic comedy series Love, which takes second place. Meanwhile, Sacred Games and 13 Reasons Why are tied in third place, with 2 countries each. Surprisingly, Daredevil is nowhere to be found when it comes to the top pick for any country, and neither is The Crown or Ozark.

Regardless of what’s popular where though, Netflix continues to knock it out of the park with original programming year after year, ensuring that its legacy will continue for decades to come. And with the current pandemic limiting our ability to socialize, there has never been a better time to take a load off on the couch and catch up on all of this excellent content.