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Netflix’s trashy new series shrugs off bad reviews to reach the Top 10 in 82 countries

Once again, subscribers don't care what the critics or their fellow audiences think.

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The promise of a slick and polished Netflix original is often more than enough to guarantee big viewership numbers, at least for the first few days the project in question is available. Following in the footsteps of the maligned Resident Evil, Netflix’s latest slab of blockbuster trash TV has proven to be a certifiable smash hit, with Echoes tearing it up on the most-watched charts.

As per FlixPatrol, the ludicrous mystery thriller has managed to secure a Top 10 spot in a massive 82 countries since being added to the library this past Friday, scoring a number one finish in 18 different nations. While that hasn’t been enough to dislodge The Sandman from the overall top slot, it’s a decent enough return given the reviews.

Cr. Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix © 2022

On Rotten Tomatoes, Echoes holds a meager 25 percent critical score, with the user rating also below average at 46 percent. Michelle Monaghan gives it her all in the dual lead roles of twin sisters Leni and Gina, but even the actress’ best efforts fail to hold together a narrative that starts out as ropey, before devolving into full-blown preposterous territory as the seven episodes progress.

It doesn’t even bother to hold back on the huge reveals right from the off, either, with the bulk of the story being driven by the fact that one of the pair goes missing, casting their double life into chaos that finds them sharing two houses, two husbands, and a child, tagging each other in and out of domestic bliss whenever and however they see fit.

It’s absolute nonsense, but it’s stylish Netflix original nonsense, which is clearly capable of doing the trick.

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