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Netflix’s weirdest and most terrifying series beats out ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ on the streaming charts

Its popularity continues.

Black Mirror season six
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By now, we share a love/hate relationship with Black Mirror, but people clearly can’t stop watching it after the latest Nielsen streaming ratings named it as the number one most-watched show on-demand.

In the first week after its release it topped the streaming chart and surpassed a formidable behemoth, Avatar: The Way of Water. With 1.36 billion minutes of viewing time, the Netflix sci-fi thriller was at the zenith of its game in the initial weeks, while Cameron’s sequel lagged behind the competition by 45 percent, albeit managing to clear the billion-minute mark.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, rather than climbing the charts, the film lost once again lost to the popular action drama S.W.A.T. whose streaming timing being 1.21 billion minutes further pushed Cameron’s renowned entry into the third place.

While Avatar seems to be dragged down, Black Mirror proved successful in grasping attention, and for weeks it managed to outshine Netflix’s other well-known favorites like Never Have I Ever and Manifest to name just two, which failed to even reach the billion mark.

Aside from the divided opinions around the plot, Black Mirror’s status as one of Netflix’s most popular outputs continues to remain the same as the series over the years has stood out amongst its genre bedfellows by presenting a dystopian future world infected by technology in the most terrifying manner, the scariest part of all being that it’s not even too far-fetched anymore.

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