The Witcher Season 2 May Include Two Other Witchers


Netflix is still busy taking in the praise and overwhelming support for the first season of The Witcher, but fans are already eager to know what’s next for Geralt and his child of destiny.

Well, if previous reports that indicated the second season will adapt Blood of Elves are anything to go by, we might have an idea of what to expect from Henry Cavill’s next run as the fearsome White Wolf of Rivia. In fact, if the timeline of the series roughly follows the events of the novels, Geralt’s next journey will take him and Ciri to Kaer Morhen, the castle of Witchers.

There, we’ll get the chance to meet fan-favorite characters like Eskel and Lambert, both of whom are Witchers in the School of the Wolf. Eskel is as well-mannered as he’s skillful on a battlefield, while Lambert is young, proud, and rude. But despite their conflicting characteristics, they’re both comrades of Geralt and the three mutually respect one another.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Eskel and Lambert will help Ciri in her training to become a Witcher, though it’s still unclear how much the series will focus on that aspect during Geralt’s stay in Kaer Morhen.

As for their importance, longtime Witcher fans, especially those of CDPR’s trilogy of games, are more familiar with these two characters and know that they play an integral part in the development of Ciri’s character and her attitude towards the world throughout the saga.

Even if not for that, we all know that a dominant concept of The Witcher as a whole is Geralt’s alienation from the rest of society, in a world where such monster-hunters are looked down upon as mutants and deviant creatures. That’s why it’ll be interesting to see how Geralt acts when he’s with his old friends, who, unlike the rest of people, can actually understand what it’s like to be a Witcher.