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New ‘American Horror Story’ season title births hilarious plot ideas

New York City has many horror stories to tell.

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Fans have been gearing up for American Horror Story’s return, and they’ve now been given some insight into exactly what the next season of this anthology series will be called.

Yesterday it was made official that American Horror Story season 11 is called ‘New York City’ and will take place in its titular location. While the plot of this season hasn’t been revealed officially, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about what it could be.

Fueling this speculation is what we know so far — the season’s name and as you’d expect New York City has led to some hilarious ideas. Taking to social media fans pitched their best and most realistic suggestions for where this series will go next.

It would seem that New York City has plenty of horror stories to tell outside of the show, but perhaps some could creep their way into the FX hit.

Like previous seasons of the show, the title ‘New York City’ gives fans just enough information to speculate on but no clear indication of what frights they will find when it finally arrives. While many of these fan suggestions would be hilarious, sadly, they likely won’t come to fruition.

Fans who are eager to get their fix of AHS won’t have long to wait as the show is set to premiere in less than a month. American Horror Story: New York City is set to land on Hulu via FX on Oct. 19. If you’re looking to catch up on previous seasons, they can all be found and binged on Hulu right now.

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