The New Black Canary Suits Up In Images From Next Week’s Episode Of Arrow

The CW has released the first official images from next week’s episode of Arrow, and in them, we get to see Dinah Drake finally suit up. Well, sort of.

Though she’s yet to take over the Black Canary mantle, the latest addition to Team Arrow takes one step closer to making that a reality here as she dons a domino mask (which definitely suits her). Oliver Queen is going to need her help, too, especially as three of his old foes look set to come together as a team, which should prove to be a formidable threat to the Emerald Archer and his friends.

For more on what to expect from this episode of Arrow – titled “Sin-Eater” – here’s the synopsis, courtesy of the network.

China White (guest star Kelly Hu), Cupid (guest star Amy Gumenick) and Liza Warner (guest star Rutina Wesley) break out of Iron Heights and head to Star City for revenge. Oliver (Stephen Amell) tries to bring in the newly formed girl gang but the ACU intervenes mid-fight. To his surprise, they are there to arrest the Green Arrow for the murder of Detective Malone.

Meanwhile, Lance (Paul Blackthorne) feels responsible for the prison break after Warner tells him she heard about him working with Damien Darhk. Mary Lambert directed the episode written by Barbara Bloom & Jenny Lynn.

Yesterday’s instalment of Arrow dealt with some heavy topics, including gun control and Wild Dog’s origin story, so this definitely looks like a lighter departure. It doesn’t, however, sound like an episode which will shed any light on the Prometheus mystery, though we did recently learn that the show will keep us waiting to learn his identity, so don’t expect to find out about that in the near future.

Time will tell how this all plays out, but it definitely appears as if the villainous team will try to recruit Dinah. As a result, you can expect the next episode of Arrow to test her loyalty.