New Extended Riverdale Promo Doesn’t Skimp On Drama


Business has certainly picked up in the last week or so when it comes to news concerning Riverdale, The CW’s next major comic book adaptation to grace the small screen. In addition to learning that Archie Andrews’ mother will be played by none other than ’80s icon Molly Ringwald, a brief promo and featurette have dropped as well.

Those aching for something a bit more substantial have been rewarded today with a freshly released extended trailer that shows living in what’s often been perceived as a quaint little town in the comics will be quite complicated in this interpretation. The name of the game with any adaptation is to reel in casual viewers as opposed to just devoted fans of the source material, and I can definitely see lovers of prime time dramas with some soap opera-like elements getting hooked on this series. Let’s just hope that a delicate balance is found.


Anyone remotely familiar with the character of Archie is well aware of his timeless love triangle that includes Betty and Veronica. Well, he’s apparently the quintessential ladies man in this take as we get some glimpses of his scandalous affair with schoolteacher Miss Grundy, who seemingly scoffs at student-teacher guidelines.

In addition to all that, the murder of a young man has much focus placed on it. It remains to be seen if this is an arc that will be explored throughout the show’s first season or if something such as this will take place on a weekly basis.

Riverdale premieres on Thursday, January 26 on The CW.