New Featurette For Star Wars Resistance Sees Team Fireball Blast Off


What’s one of the fundamental qualities of a good team? Communication, of course, while Guardians of the Galaxy and old-school Star Wars movies like A New Hope and Empire prove that a little chemistry goes a long way to overcoming the odds.

Though when it comes to Star Wars Resistance and ‘Team Fireball,’ in particular, our ace pilots cobble together because they need each other to succeed – or so says the latest featurette for Disney’s upcoming animated series, which picks up six months before The Force Awakens for an adventure so secret, it involves sending rookie pilot Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono behind enemy lines to retrieve precious intel about The First Order.

It’s not without its risks, though today’s featurette is a welcome reminder that Resistance will be skewing toward a younger audience when it reaches the Disney Channel in two months’ time.

This featurette also includes a brief profile of Kaz himself. Voiced by Days of Our Lives alum Christopher Sean, he’s seemingly much better at piloting a jet than the whole spy game – much to the dismay of BB-8. It’s this clumsiness that will no doubt land him in hot water with Poe Dameron, who’s being voiced by the inimitable Oscar Isaac. Another casting coup? Gwendoline Christie is back as the Chrometrooper.

Star Wars Resistance has been scheduled for take-off on October 7th, which, if nothing else, ought to help ease the wait for Episode IX. It’s the final chapter in Lucasfilm’s beloved Skywalker Saga, so it’s small wonder why a number of Star Wars enthusiasts have their fingers (and toes!) crossed in the hope that J.J. Abrams and co-writer Chris Terrio will harken back to the Prequels.