Awesome Iron Fist Banner Revealed Alongside Some New Images

Iron Fist will debut on Netflix next month and a new trailer may very well be around the corner. Before we get to that, though, Marvel has released a brand new banner alongside five very interesting official images which shed even more light on what we should expect from the fourth solo series that leads up to The Defenders, which is set to premiere this summer.

In the photos released today, we get to see Danny Rand leading a press conference as the Meachum siblings watch on. They’ve taken over Rand Industries in his absence and are likely being very careful about how he goes about announcing his return, hence why another of the photos in the gallery above sees the hero turning to a familiar face from Jessica Jones for some much-needed legal assistance.

Elsewhere in the gallery, you’ll notice that Claire Temple and Colleen Wing get the spotlight, while we also get to see Iron Fist in action (sans costume, unfortunately) in another. There’s nothing to stop the presses here, of course, but it’s still exciting to get more looks at the show as we inch closer to its premiere.

Furthermore, now that we’re only about a month out from Iron Fist, we expect the usual barrage of TV spots and trailers to start barrelling our way soon. The banner and images above have to be a precursor for that, we assume, and so far, we think that this is definitely shaping up to be one of Netflix’s most exciting Marvel shows to date.

All 13 episodes of Iron Fist debut on March 17th.