War Is Coming In New Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer


After an extended winter break, Legends of Tomorrow‘s third season returns next week. And ahead of its midseason premiere, The CW has now debuted this new extended trailer which teases some dark times ahead for the crew of the Waverider. As well as the usual time aberrations to take care off, there’s the dual threats of Damien and Nora Darhk and the evil entity Mallus to contend with. As the trailer puts it, “War is coming.”

The footage here also gives us our best look yet at the upcoming tenth episode of the season, titled “Daddy Darhkest.” This has to be one of the most-anticipated Arrowverse outings of the year, as it features the long-awaited return of Matt Ryan’s John Constantine to The CW’s DC universe. Last seen in Arrow season 4, Constantine debuted on Legends at the end of the midseason finale, where he stowed away on board the time ship in order to talk to Sara Lance about a demon that knew her name.

As well as that, the trailer also teases a few other upcoming episodes, too. In particular, there are a smattering of shots of the Legends decked out in pirate outfits that would make Johnny Depp jealous. These clips are from episode 12, titled “The Curse of the Earth Totem,” which we will let the cast get a chance to swash their buckles and will also see the return of Amaya’s villainous descendant Kuasa, who’s on the hunt for another Zambezi totem to add to her collection.

Finally, the promo reminds us that Legends of Tomorrow is moving to a new day. To accommodate the addition of Black Lightning to The CW’s line-up, the show is switching from its usual Tuesday slot to Monday, taking the place of Supergirl. The Girl of Steel will then return for the remainder of its run in nine weeks time, once Legends season 3 wraps up.