Watch: Money Heist Part 5 Teaser Brings The Suspense


A new Money Heist teaser showing The Professor chained up by Inspector Alicia Sierra is giving fans their first look at part-five of the internationally acclaimed show. 

Money Heist has taken the world by storm since Netflix acquired the Spanish show’s streaming rights in 2017. Season four ended on a massive cliffhanger after The Professor was captured at gunpoint by Inspector Alicia, leaving his fate unknown. 

The latest teaser trailer confirms The Professor is alive, but not exactly well. He is briefly seen chained and held captive by the Inspector, showing she is currently in control. Alicia previously blamed Colonel Tamayo and the Spanish government for torturing Río in a secret facility, resulting in her being fired and on the run. It’s not clear what she plans to do with The Professor, or how he will help her escape. 

Money Heist

Part four was gut-wrenching for fans, as the crew came back together to pull off another heist to save Río. Nairobi, a fan favorite, who was brutally murdered by the escaped hostage Gandía. Fans worldwide are waiting for the rest of the thieves to get their revenge, and, hopefully, part five will provide the much-needed closure. Part five will also show how the remainder of the heist plays out. Will the entire band of thieves make it out alive?

Besides this short trailer, not much else is known about season five. The teaser confirmed a trailer is coming on August 2, meaning the show’s next installment is finally on the horizon.