New Moon Knight promo reveals new supernatural villain

moon knight

We keep getting closer to the Disney Plus premiere of Marvel’s Moon Knight, and the newest promo trailer, which dropped yesterday, has offered fans an almost completely new tank of speculation fuel to ponder before the March 30 debut date. One of the biggest reveals is a jackal-headed adversary for the hero that may be a clue to some potential big bads for the show’s six-episode arc.

When Moon Knight‘s first trailer featured the hero savagely punching something menacing and supernatural in a bathroom, many fans surmised that the creature may be the avatar of Khonshu, Moon Knight’s spiritual patron, or else some other servant of the god. But a closer inspection of the footage revealed an almost lupine form, which had some speculating that Moon Knight may be fighting a werewolf, just as he did in his original comic book appearance in 1975.

The newest promo seems to shed new light on the subject, showing Moon Knight in action among the rooftops being pursued by a jackal-headed creature, one that appears to be the very same entity getting pummeled in the bathroom scene. Many fans are speculating that it may be Anubis, a member of The Ennead — Marvel Comics’ own version of the gods of ancient Egypt —and a foe that Moon Knight has fought against in the past.

Other fans are predicting that the supernatural foe in question isn’t the actual Anubis himself, but merely a Jackal Guardian servant of either Anubis or some other deity within the Ennead. Series villain Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke, is rumored to be an agent for the god/demon Ammit (or Ammut). In Jeff Lemire’s current run of the Moon Knight Marvel Comics series, Moon Knight: Welcome to New Egypt, the hero’s alter ego, Marc Spector, faces an adversary that is an avatar of Ammut, and uses jackal-headed henchmen. Ammit is themself an agent of the deity Seth, brother of the god Osiris, and often used in the comics as a big bad for a variety of villains.

Fans will just have to wait nine more days or so until all the clues start to fall into place. However, the latest clip from the series, which just dropped today, ends with Harrow apparently summoning something from a dimensional or multidimensional portal. Let’s just say that the hand we see at the end looks pretty familiar to anyone paying close attention to the previous trailers and clips.