Watch: Marvel celebrates 10 days to ‘Moon Knight’ with new promo


Marvel Studios and Disney Plus are really going out of our way to let us know that Moon Knight comes to streaming on March 30, with countdown promos arriving on an increasingly regular basis.

In fact, today brings a brand new TV spot packed with new footage to remind subscribers that we’re just ten days away from Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, and based on the current trajectory of the marketing campaign, we’re probably getting another one on Wednesday to mark the seven-day countdown.

Based on the overwhelmingly positive early reactions and gathering momentum, fans of the franchise won’t need much convincing to clear their schedules one week from Wednesday, with Moon Knight poised to deliver on the expectations that it’ll be unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the most successful film and television franchise in Hollywood history before.

Take one of the finest actors of their generation, suit them up as a complex and complicated comic book antihero, throw in a dash of supernatural chicanery, a soupcon of dark supernatural elements, and wrap it all in the blockbuster trappings of the MCU, and Moon Knight is surely destined to concoct a recipe for success.

Isaac says he’d much rather be a Midnight Son than Avenger, and based on what we’ve seen from his solo series so far, you can understand why. Far from the candy-colored adventures of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Moon Knight is taking the mythology in a distinctly different and darker direction, and we can’t wait.