Watch: Marvel reveals intense first clip from ‘Moon Knight’


In less than two weeks, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 2022 slate of small screen projects begins when Moon Knight premieres, but you’ll need to be very wary of spoilers for the hotly-anticipated miniseries.

The first set of reactions have already made their way online, revealing that four episodes were screened for the press. That’s a huge number for a Marvel Studios series, with the franchise so far tending to only release one or two installments in an effort to prevent widespread leaks, so plenty of information regarding Marc Spector’s incoming arrival is already available online.

Marvel have now debuted the first official clip, and while it only runs for a little over a minute, it does an excellent job of conveying the style, tone, and atmosphere of Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac’s protagonist might be seeing things, or he might not, even if we know for a fact that Egyptian deity Khonshu is the one who imbues him with superpowers.

We’ve seen the MCU dabble in supernatural and/or scary territory to a very minor extent, but this could be the year the shackles come off. Between the unsettling vibes of the Moon Knight footage, the zombies we’ve seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness footage, and the in-development Halloween special being directed by Michael Giacchino, horror is infiltrating the mythology in a big way.

Moon Knight gets there first, though, the first episode will be appointment viewing for Disney Plus subscribers starving for their next fix of MCU content.