The first reactions to ‘Moon Knight’ just dropped

Image via Disney.

Moon Knight lands on Disney Plus at the end of the month and is unlike anything the MCU has seen before. The promotional campaign for the show is well underway and Marvel Studios and Disney have released the first four episodes of the series to an exclusive group of outlets.

We Got This Covered was among them, and though our full opinion won’t arrive until the review embargo lifts on March 29, we can now discuss it on social media. Here’s how Oscar Isaac’s MCU debut is going down on Twitter. First up, here’s my take on the show:

Other responses are similarly positive:

The key (and non-spoiler-y) takeaways here are that Moon Knight does indeed have a heavy focus on Marc Spector’s mental health. As billed, the vast majority of the show is given over to him struggling to cope with his alternate personalities and the intrusive comments of ancient Egyptian deity Khonshu.

That doesn’t mean it’s not funny. Isaac has proven many times over that he’s a talented comic actor and Moon Knight gives many opportunities for physical humor, especially when he’s rapidly switching personalities during the intense action sequences.

One big caveat is that if you found Isaac’s English accent in the trailer grating, you may not get on with the show. That accent is front-and-center throughout the series and though as a Londoner it sounds believable to me, individual mileage may vary.

Moon Knight premieres on March 30, 2022 and will run for six episodes.