New ‘Moon Knight’ stills leak

moon knight

Like many of the forthcoming Disney Plus original series, fans are expecting big things from Moon Knight. Following a former U.S. Marine suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Moon Knight tells the story of Marc Spector, who is given the powers of an Egyptian moon god. Starring Oscar Isaac as the titular character, Moon Knight is building up to be the most adult and most action-packed of the Marvel series on the streaming platform. While the show doesn’t officially air until March 30th, reddit user Swimming_Ambition872 posted eleven new photos from the series.

Some photos seem to be behind the scenes, with Isaac talking to production crew in the middle of shooting. As you can see, while the crew have their masks on, Isaac does not, leading us to believe this isn’t an actual shot from the series, but instead some BTS of Isaac getting some notes or compliments about his work.

The juiciest Moon Knight photos are the new stills from the series, which show off the angsty vibe that everyone is hoping for. We see Isaac looking at himself in the mirror, obviously concerned or upset about something, and further down we get a look at what looks to be a Moon Knight hero suit.

There’s plenty to be excited about with Moon Knight, and even though it doesn’t premiere until the end of March, a steady supply of content is being thrown our way to tide us over until then. Disney and Marvel know what they’re doing, and given the quality of the MCU series overall, fans’ expectations of Moon Knight are justifiably high.