New Netflix Nature Series To Feature Pedro Pascal, Bryan Cranston And More

Pedro Pascal

The nature series is one of the most relaxing forms of television available, especially if the legendary David Attenborough’s syrupy and soothing tones are the ones doing the narration. While the broadcasting legend has worked with Netflix in the past, he’s also 95 years old, so he can’t lend his vocal talents to them all.

Instead, the streaming service has recruited some top talent to hit the recording booth for the first season of Animal, which comes to the platform on November 10th. As per Deadline, the four-part event follows eight families from the natural world including a lioness mother, a pack of wild dogs, a kangaroo joey and a giant octopus.

netflix animal

Bryan Cranston, Rashida Jones, Rebel Wilson and Pedro Pascal will narrate one installment each, with the project unique for being shot entirely during the pandemic. That means local and oftentimes non-professional camera operators were brought in to capture the footage in countries the production couldn’t get access to.

Netflix is clearly confident in Animal, given that a second season has already been announced with Andy Serkis, Anthony Mackie, David Harbour and Uzo Aduba signed on. While it isn’t the splashiest or most action-packed original series we’ve ever seen, it’ll no doubt be as interesting as it is entertaining.