New Posters For Arrow And The Flash Tease Each Of The Hero’s Futures

The CW has released a couple of new teaser posters for Arrow and The Flash as we get closer to their respective season finales, and they offer up an intriguing look at what’s to come in each of the DC Comics adaptations. Well, sort of.

In the case of Arrow, it’s Diggle who is put centre stage ahead of Oliver Queen, an odd decision considering the fact that he’s the titular hero. Of course, that no doubt has something to do with the fact that the next instalment of Arrow will feature Diggle tracking down his brother after he was revealed to be a villain and played a key role in the shocking death of the Black Canary.


It’s a good job then that The Flash‘s poster is a lot more intriguing, as it depicts Barry Allen attempting to recreate the particle accelerator explosion which gave him his speed. It was only last week that the hero gave up his powers in order to stop Zoom from murdering Wally West, so this dangerous experiment is the only way he can hope to stop Hunter Zolomon once and for all.

With storylines as exciting as that, The Flash has effortlessly raced past Arrow this season, especially now that fans are beginning to sour on the latter. But can The CW’s original superhero hit still make an impact before the finale? Time will tell.