New Preacher Teaser Gives Us A Glimpse Of Arseface


Following a recent promo image of Ian Colleti as Eugene “Arseface” Root, AMC has released a short, but fairly revealing new teaser trailer for their upcoming adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s controversial ’90s comic series, Preacher. Young Arseface is glimpsed very briefly, but there’s plenty of other great and gruesome stuff in here to discuss.

For example, we see Cassidy the vampire (Joe Gilgun) covered in blood that we can only assume he took from the poor soul behind him in the shot. There’s also a glimpse of Ruth Negga as Tulip being viciously attacked in her car, and various shots of Dominic Cooper as the titular preacher, Jesse Custer, looking somewhat bemused. And who could blame him? As the voiceover reveals, “something got loose,” and evidently made its way to Custer’s quiet little Texas parish.

Preacher also stars W. Earl Brown as Arseface’s father, Elizabeth Perkins as Vyla Quinncannon, and Jamie Anne Allman and Derek Wilson as Betsy and Donny Schenck. The pilot will air on AMC on May 22.