New Prison Break Trailer Debuts As Premiere Date Is Set


It’s becoming quite obvious that Fox is benefiting greatly from nostalgia as of late. Having recently revived classics such as The X-Files and 24 as limited engagements, I’m quite pleased that the next series to be resurrected is that of Prison Break, one of the shows that helped make the serialized approach an industry standard.

Originally having premiered in 2005, Paul Scheuring’s nail-biter of a creation told the story of two brothers – Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) – who got caught up in a conspiracy that went straight to the top. Over the course of four seasons, they escaped from two separate prisons, evaded the feds and unraveled various sinister plots. Not only that, but it served as the breakout roles (pun intended) for the likes of Miller, Robert Knepper and several others, as well as later being adapted to a video game.


On Tuesday, April 4, the saga continues for a nine episode run that is sure to be nothing short of intense. As if there were any doubt, the trailer embedded at the top should succeed in drawing back any fan who may have forgotten how wonderful the series was.

Oddly enough, it will occupy the very time slot that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will vacate upon concluding its second season, a show that also features Miller and Purcell, albeit on another network. It’s very possible that Fox and The CW wanted to avoid a conflict of interests as it’s been publicly stated that the new season of Prison Break was filmed around the two gentlemen’s Legends shooting schedules.

What’s funny is that their exploits on The Flash led to this project happening, as Miller told USA Today:

“That is where Dom and I had our reunion. We hadn’t seen each other for five years. Suddenly we’re on set, discussing old times, and out of that experience came the idea of revisiting Prison Break.”

Tell us, aside from Prison Break are there any other classic Fox series that you hope to see brought back? Sound off in the usual place below!