New Promo For DC’s Powerless Reveals The Batman Connection


With DC’s small screen efforts currently doing a whole lot better than their big screen ones, all eyes are on the company as they gear up to premiere their next new show. Set to be quite different from what’s going on over in the Arrowverse, Powerless is a workplace comedy coming to NBC and while it won’t feature any of DC’s iconic heroes, there will still be tons of nods and easter eggs for fans to pick up on.

Not too long ago, a new photo from the show was released which teased a connection to none other than Batman. At the time, it seemed like nothing more than a fun reference for fans to catch. Now, however, thanks to this recent promo that you can check out above, it’s been revealed that the Caped Crusader’s connection to the upcoming comedy series actually runs a bit deeper than just a one-off easter egg.

Batman, or more specifically, Bruce Wayne, is connected to Powerless as Alan Tudyk will be playing Van Wayne, his cousin. Van’s the head honcho over at Wayne Security, which is where Vanessa Hudgens’ character, Emily Locke, works.

While we see Van chatting on the phone with his famous relative right at the start of this new trailer, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see Bats show up in the flesh and blood. I mean, you never know, but we’d be shocked if the Dark Knight appeared on the show – in or out of costume. Still, this is definitely a welcome connection for fans of the iconic hero and is no doubt just one of many that will be peppered throughout Powerless.