New Supernatural Poster May Hint At Season 12’s Direction


Hot on the heels of the news that Supernatural will grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly for the first time, as well as the arrival for an overdue trailer for Season 12, comes one sharp looking poster to herald the arrival of more terrifying adventures involving monsters, angels, demons, and classic rock than you can shake Rob Halford’s whip at.

While the promo image may seem a bit innocent at first and features a Sam who’s wearing a style of jacket we aren’t quite used to seeing him don, I can’t help but shake the “Meet them on the dark side” tagline. I mean, we are already well aware that Dean and his resurrected mother, Mary, will seek to free Sam from the clutches of an international chapter of the Men of Letters, but what if this season holds something more?

Sure, the producers may not go as grandiose as Chuck vs. Amara this year, but there has to be some kind of big bad or grand scheme at play. That seemingly innocuous tagline may signify that some morally grey wheelings and dealings may be at play in the coming months involving the pictured Crowley, who no doubt wants to regain absolute control of Hell while Lucifer is now roaming free and living the high life. Anyone who remembers Season 6 is well aware of how many twists and turns this show can take.

Another thing to notice is that the principal cast is standing within a flaming doorway with its background colored darker than that of what is outside. Could this mean the Winchesters will once again venture to other planes of existence? What we see here sure does remind me of Purgatory.

If you think I’m reaching a little, please refer to this Jensen Ackles quote from a few months back (via TV Line):

“Purgatory, I thought, was a really, really cool part of the story. That might be cool to maybe go revisit.”

Not to be taken out of context, that quote refers to something that was on Ackles’ wishlist for the upcoming season. Perhaps the producers were listening to him or it was already on the agenda.

Supernatural returns for its twelfth season on Thursday, October 13 on The CW.


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