Supernatural Finally Lands The Cover Of Entertainment Weekly


This Fall, Supernatural will return to The CW for its twelfth season. There aren’t that many shows out there which have that sort of longevity, and even fewer which are still excellent. The story of the Winchester brothers remains as enjoyable and popular as ever though, and after being on air for over a decade, they’re finally on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

In other Supernatural news, it has also been revealed today that Adam Rose is set to reprise the role of Aaron Bass as Sam and Dean do battle with Hitler (again). He previously appeared in the season eight episode “Everybody Hates Hitler,” and is the grandson of a member of the Judah Initiative, a secret group of rabbis who were formed to fight the villainous Thule Society.

Their plan is going to involve attempting to bring the real life historic figure back to life, so Sam and Dean are obviously going to need some help in order to stop that from happening.

Supernatural season 12 will premiere on a new night (Thursday) on October 13th, the same day as Legends of Tomorrow. Will you be tuning in?

Supernatural EW Cover

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