New Trailer For Marvel’s Spider-Man Takes Us Back To Hero’s Origin


Although Ultimate Spider-Man certainly had a memorable run, all television series have to end at some point. Still, the folks at Disney XD aren’t done with the wallcrawler, and have opted to launch a new animated venture in the form of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which looks to be a good jumping on point for younger fans who may have only been recently exposed to the character via his recent integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper.

In fact, the most recently released trailer that we have to present to you certainly illustrates that notion rather well, taking us back to when Peter Parker was bitten by the spider that changed his life forever. Beyond that, not much more is revealed, but we do get to see him out and about in a makeshift costume similar to what’s to be seen in the upcoming film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. And, knowing how that movie has been well received by critics, creating a little bit of synergy isn’t a bad idea in the slightest. Plus, the current crop of Marvel cartoons are known for taking more than a few visual cues from the movies anyway.

What remains to be seen, however, is how this’ll tie into those other shows given that they boast their own shared continuity. Either this’ll serve as a prequel to Ultimate Spider-Man or we’re in for a massive retcon if this doesn’t end up being a standalone. After all, it’s hard to forget a more comic book accurate representation of the Guardians of the Galaxy showing up before they morphed into something more closely resembling what’s been seen in their movies once they received an animated series to call their own.

Suffice it to say, all speculation should be put to bed once Marvel’s Spider-Man premieres on Disney XD this August.

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