New Watchmen Set Photos Reveal The Fate Of A Major Character


HBO’s Watchmen TV show is currently filming in Vancouver and, though plot details are being kept under wraps, set photos are helping us build up a better picture of what the loose adaptation of the Alan Moore graphic novel has in store. In fact, the latest batch reveals the juiciest detail yet, as one pic tell us the fate of a major comic book character.

According to casting callsWatchmen will focus on a bunch of regular cops from Oklahoma instead of familiar superheroes like Nite Owl and Silk Spectre. This left fans wondering what the Watchmen themselves are up to during the events of the show, which we know will act as a sequel to the storyline of the original graphic novel. And while that still remains to be seen, we can at least confirm the whereabouts of one of the vigilantes.

See what we mean in the gallery below:

In one of the snaps, a fake newspaper glimpsed on set bears the headline “Veidt Officially Declared Dead.” Fans will know that this refers to Adrian Veidt AKA Ozymandias, the former superhero and self-declared smartest man in the world who was revealed to be the one behind the scheme to wipe out New York in the original Watchmen. The comic book leaves him alive, with his crimes unknown to the world at large, but it seems that he’s passed away by the time the TV show kicks off.

The other images are of interest as well. Some reveal a sign for a squid shelter, showing that the world lives in fear of another attack from the alien creature that destroyed New York at the end of Watchmen. This was, of course, merely a genetically-engineered experiment of Veidt’s that was intended to bring together the US and the USSR against an imagined common enemy. It seems to have worked, too, as his lie appears to have been believed.

Lastly, the final snap features an intriguing alternate version of the American flag, teasing that the Watchmen TV series is going to diverge even more from real history. Unfortunately, there’s not much more we can take from these photos other than all that, but we’re slowly starting to form a clearer picture of what HBO’s planning and you can definitely color us intrigued.

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