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New What If…? Posters Tease This Week’s Marvel Zombies Episode

Two new posters for this week's episode of Marvel's What If...? reveal zombified versions of two famed Avengers.

What if

So far, Marvel’s What If…? has been fairly beholden to events we’ve already seen happen in the movies, albeit with a few major creative flourishes. We’ve witnessed new spins on Captain America: The First Avenger, Guardians of the Galaxy, the entirety of Phase One via Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk and Thor, while last week’s installment picked up where Doctor Strange left off and gave the Sorcerer Supreme’s story a tragic epilogue.

However, the sh*t officially hits the fan tomorrow when the Disney Plus exclusive tackles Marvel Zombies. Comic book readers have been desperate to see the undead superheroes make their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a long time, but it was never a likely proposition, seeing as it would break the rules of the mythology in half.

Of course, multiversal animation means that anything and everything is back on the table, with two new posters teasing zombified versions of Captain America and Hawkeye, which you can see above.

Based on nothing but those one-sheets, it would be fairly safe to assume that Wednesday’s installment of Marvel’s What If…? is going to be the scariest one yet, marking a full-blown sojourn into horror territory. That’s exciting enough on its own, but it’ll be just as fascinating to hear from the Watcher exactly which minor change to the timeline resulted in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes finding a taste for human flesh.

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