Marvel’s What If…? Reveals Awesome Zombie Avengers Poster

What if

Kevin Feige was never going to give the green light to a Marvel Zombies adaptation in live-action, because it would require the rules of his mythology to be bend so far they’d shatter into a thousand pieces. However, the company’s Chief Creative Officer knows exactly what the fans want to see and looks to deliver it on a regular basis, so upcoming Disney Plus animated series What If…? marks a more than suitable compromise.

It’s been hinted at in the various teasers, trailers and TV spots we’ve seen so far, but don’t expect Marvel to give the game away and offer any specifics as to how and why the cinematic universe’s roster of superheroes transform into hordes of the shuffling undead. The bad news for audiences is that they’ll be waiting a while to see it, too, because we can confirm having seen them for ourselves that Marvel Zombies isn’t one of What If…?‘s first three episodes.

However, a new poster has been revealed that teases the Avengers as you’ve never seen them before, with Captain America interestingly sporting his costume from The Winter Solider. Meanwhile, Tony Stark is clad in his Infinity War armor, so something serious has happened to the timeline for things to turn out like this, and you can check it out below.

The comic book version of Marvel Zombies saw the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four of Earth-2149 infected by a mysterious virus and developing a taste for human flesh known as the Hunger. Even though we won’t be seeing mutants or Marvel’s First Family, it nonetheless promises to be perhaps the wildest and weirdest of What If…?‘s nine episodes.