New ‘Zootopia+’ trailer is here, but fans are fuming that it’s missing some furry favorites


A full six years after Zootopia first burst onto our screens, Disney fans can return to the animal-filled city this very week thanks to Zootopia+, a new spinoff series that is set to bring back many of the memorable supporting characters of all shapes and sizes from the Oscar-winning 2016 film. But folks are still finding themselves disappointed as it looks like not everyone from the original is returning.

As you can see via the trailer above, Zootopia+ will comprise six shorts spotlighting various familiar furred faces from the flick, from the Marlon Brando-spoofing shrew Mr. Big to the fastest sloth in the city – DMV employee Flash. Unfortunately, there’s no indication that the movie’s actual stars, ambitious bunny cop Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) and reformed conman Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) will be back to reprise their roles in the show.

A promotional image for Zootopia+
Image via Disney

Like the trailer makes clear, each episode looks to be parodying a different genre, with Mr. Big’s socialite daughter Fru-Fru leading a Real Housewives skit starring the ladies of Rodentia and Alan Tudyk’s two-bit criminal Duke getting his own weasely musical. Aside from Disney mainstay Tudyk, various cast members from the film are confirmed to be back on board, including Idris Elba as Chief Bogo, Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake as Judy’s parents, and Kristen Bell as Flash’s date Priscilla.

Popstar Gazelle, however, isn’t voiced by Shakira anymore and is now played by Allison Strong. Likewise, neither Goodwin nor Bateman have been confirmed to be involved, which is coming as a huge bummer to Zootopia-ns, and that isn’t surprising, given that they’ve always been a poster couple for the furry community.

Others are blasting Disney for waiting to drop this trailer until a whole two days before it releases.

Zoom over to Zootopia+ once it lands on Disney Plus this Wednesday, Nov. 9.