Somehow, ‘Zootopia’ erotica appears in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’

zootopia porn resident evil
Credit: Disney/Netflix

In a series that largely deals with an evil corporation who keep producing zombies and weird, freakish bad guys, it’s Zootopia erotica that has truly scared viewers of Netflix’s new Resident Evil series.

There’s been a lot of hype for the latest attempt to bring Resident Evil into a live-action setting, following several mostly poorly received films in the 2000s starring a certain Milla Jovovich. Which, somehow, got five sequels. Now, we’re in a new age and Resi is on Netflix.

But, like a teenage boy drawing on a bathroom wall, it’s inexplicably gotten horny and weird out of absolutely nowhere. In another chapter of “is the internet too powerful to exist”, Zootopia pornography has been referenced in the new Netflix series. In case you were ever curious, Zootopia porn is now canon in Resident Evil.

The internet certainly had a fascination with Zootopia’s cast of characters, and possibly the film’s biggest footprint is the strange few months where heaps of erotica was made from it. A testament to the mid-2010s “furry” era and also to the advent of independent artists doing commissions.

Audiences are mostly shocked by the reference to Zootopia porn in its pilot episode, and nobody is quite sure what on earth is going on in the writers room.

The pilot episode does its utmost to seem hip and cool with the kids, referencing things such as “4chan virgins”, Pornhub, and furry erotica. The question must be asked, which is: why? The game series it is based upon never went near any of these subjects, and, again, is primarily focused on the Umbrella Corporation and horrific villains like Albert Wesker.

Fans have shared their dismay at the inability for anyone to just make a good Resident Evil movie or series, and you have to wonder if this series is the death knell for adaptations for the beloved horror action franchise.

Fans can take some solace in knowing that Resident Evil’s video games have never been better, and with a remake of Resident Evil 4 coming soon, they’ll be able to take their minds off of main characters yiffing.

If you need your fix of yiffing, Resident Evil is currently available to stream on Netflix. We’re sorry.