Newly-revealed ‘Moon Knight’ image reveals full look at Jake Lockley

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Moon Knight saw Oscar Isaac delivering a performance masterclass as Steven Grant/Marc Spector. Throughout the show, he constantly switched between the two personalities, with his acting skills making the difference between them obvious at all times. However, comics fans knew going in that Steven and Marc are just two members of a trio and that somewhere in his head lives another alter ego — taxi driver Jake Lockley.

The show often teased Jake’s presence, showing us moments in which both Steven and Marc blacked out and didn’t know what happened during it, a rumbling third sarcophagus in the afterlife asylum sequence, and a lot of ominous yellow cabs driving by in the background.

But it wasn’t until the finale’s mid-credits scene that we got to see him in the flesh. Even then he was mainly seen from behind or from the rear seat of a limo. Now, thanks to a new photo from the set, we finally have a full look at him. Check it out:

via Marvel Studios

The Jake reveal also pointed the way toward the show’s future. In the finale, Marc and Steven told Khonshu they’d delivered on their promise and that they don’t want to be his avatar anymore. After some grumbling, Khonshu agreed to release them. However, he’d secretly found a loophole in Jake, who’s still totally on board with the whole homicidal crusader thing.

If (hopefully when) Moon Knight returns, this conflict will have to be played out and we could see the bizarre situation of the protagonist and the antagonist occupying the same body. It’ll be a big performance challenge, but we have unshakable faith in Oscar Isaac’s impeccable acting prowess.

Moon Knight is available on Disney Plus.

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