Nick D’Agosto Headlines How I Met Your Mother Spinoff How I Met Your Dad


Nick D’Agosto, best known for his roles in Final Destination 5 and the Showtime original series Masters Of Sex, has been cast alongside Andrew Santino, Greta Gerwig, Drew Tarver and Krysta Rodriguez in CBS’ upcoming How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met Your Dad. HIMYM is poised to wrap up its 9-season run at the end of this month, and production on the spinoff will start shortly after.

D’Agosto has been the bright spot in a number of formulaic big studio comedies, showcasing his comedic chops in films such as Fired Up and Extreme Movie. As for his main co-star, Gerwig is an inspired choice, fresh off her role in critical darling Frances Ha. The rest of the cast are more unproven entities, with a handful of TV appearances under their collective belts.

The pilot was written by HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, in collaboration with Emily Spivey, and will be directed by Pam Fryman. I believe the presence of the creators of HIMYM will give the show a real chance of  making it over the long haul, a la Frasier, and not becoming a high profile flame out, reminiscent of Joey or The Tortellis.

How I Met Your Dad will invert the point of view from HIMYM, this time telling a similar story through a female point of view. Gerwig will assume the role of the female lead, Sally, and the spinoff will also be set in New York City. D’Agosto will play Frank, the head of the IT department for a fashion blog, and the man who falls for Sally. Santino will play Sally’s older brother, and it is unknown at the moment whether his role in the pilot will become regular.

Unfortunately, D’Agosto will no longer be a regular on Masters Of Sex, but will maintain a recurring role.