Nick Nolte’s Role In The Mandalorian May Have Been Revealed


I was very excited when reports first started to emerge that told us Nick Nolte had joined the cast of The Mandalorian. Judging by the set pics, the show looks as if it’s going to be exploring some of the more dusty and run-down parts of the Star Wars universe, and it’s very easy to imagine the weatherbeaten, perpetually grumpy and gravel-voiced Nolte swilling down some weird-looking drink in a Tatooine dive bar.

Now, courtesy of Making Star Wars, we might have an indication as to who he’s playing. Or maybe it’s a what he’s playing, as they’re reporting that he’s going to be seen as an Ugnaught. And yes, you’re forgiven for not knowing what the hell an Ugnaught is.

Remember the carbonite freezing chamber scenes in The Empire Strikes Back? Well, the Ugnaughts are the freaky little pig dudes who set up the chamber and lower Han Solo into the freezing pit. Now, Ugnaughts are maybe 3 feet tall and Nick Nolte’s over six feet, so how have they crammed him into the costume?

Well, apparently, on set his character’s being brought to life by a “small woman” who’ll don a high-tech and apparently very impressive animatronic mask that’ll emit Nolte’s pre-recorded voice and facial movements. From what we understand, he’s completed his scenes for the show already, which might indicate that he’s not going to play an enormous role in the plot. That’s a shame, too, as bringing together Star Wars and Nolte is a great idea with a lot of potential. Still, I guess some Nick Nolte is better than no Nick Nolte at all.

With the show now moving into extensive post-production, I’d like to think we’ll get a teaser for The Mandalorian sometime in early 2019. And in a year set to be full of awesome happenings in a galaxy far, far away, this might be what I’m anticipating the most.