Last Night’s Game Of Thrones Was The Most Tweeted-About Episode In TV History


Avengers: Endgame has now completed its first weekend in theaters and already, it’s racked up an insanely long list of box office records, both domestically and internationally.

Obviously, the most impressive commercial accomplishment of the Avengers: Infinity War sequel is that it scored the biggest global opening of all time. So far, the film’s worldwide gross is at $1.22 billion, crushing the previous record of $640.5 million set last year by Infinity War. But it’s not only Earth’s Mightiest Heroes who are breaking records.

The folks over in Westeros are doing much the same, as last night’s outing of Game of Thrones has now shattered the record for most tweeted-about episode in television history. The buzzy third hour of the show’s final season gave fans much to discuss and unsurprisingly, generated more than 7.8 million tweets.

With a beyond epic, though far too dark, battle scene that lasted 67 minutes and pit the heroes of Westeros against the White Walkers, “The Long Night” was always going to be a big outing for Thrones, and it certainly delivered on everything it promised and more. It might not’ve been perfect, but it was a truly thrilling installment of the hit fantasy series and still has folks buzzing.

To put that 7.8 million figure into perspective, though, the previous record holder was the April 14th episode of Game of Thrones, which resulted in over 5 million Tweets. And in total this year, the show has been the subject of 52 million tweets, telling us that interest is as high as ever as it quickly approaches its grand finale.

Speaking of which, Game of Thrones will return to HBO this Sunday for what promises to be another exciting episode, and given that there are only a few weeks left before it’s all over, you definitely won’t want to miss it.

Source: Variety