Nightwing And The Teen Titans May Get A Live-Action Series On TNT


Warner Bros. already has five DC Comics series that will air this fall, with a Supergirl show in development as well. The studio is not stopping there, however, as THR now reports that fan-favorite character Nightwing may get his own series on TNT.

The show comes from I Am Legend and A Beautiful Mind producer Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes (The Legend of Zorro, Collateral), and is reportedly nearing a pilot order at the network. Simply called Titansthe series will center around former Batman sidekick Dick Grayson, as he makes the transition from Robin the Boy Wonder to Nightwing, recruiting a team of younger heroes along the way to join him.

Check out the synopsis below:

“Based on characters from DC Comics, Titans revolves around a group of young superheroes-to-be who are recruited from every corner of the DC universe. The action-themed drama centers on Dick Grayson, who emerges form the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of new superheroes including Starfire, Raven, and more. The show is described as a dramatic adventure series that will explore and celebrate one of the most popular comic book titles ever.”

Fans have been dying to see Nightwing appear in live action – on either film or television – for quite some time now. Many fans, myself included, thought that he might show up on Arrow someday and get his very own spinoff on The CW, but this is exciting nonetheless. Nightwing is easily one of the most popular characters in comics, and he has a story that’s perfect for further exploration. The idea of sidekicks has not been explored in live-action superhero tales outside of ill-fated films like Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, so there’s a substantial amount of potential that comes with a project like this.

Without further details, we’re left wondering just what this series, if it gets picked up, will entail. The biggest question is who will be on the roster? Classic Teen Titan members included the likes of Raven (a half-demonic girl with magical powers), Starfire (an alien with the power of flight and energy projection), Cyborg (who’s currently busy on the film front, being played by Ray Fisher in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) and Beast Boy (a green-skinned changeling who can transform into any member of the animal kingdom). With Raven and Starfire mentioned, it’s clear that some of the core team members will be present, but the roster may have to be changed up a bit to fit Warner Brothers’ demands for separate universes.

The Teen Titans have been featured in a few of their own animated series before, but this is the first time we’ll see them in live action. I know I’m excited about it, but let us know how you feel about the news and what characters you’d like to see on Titans in the comments section below!

Source: TNT