“No Netflix” Trends As Polarizing Views Collide About Employee Walkout At Netflix

Today is proving to be a flashpoint for the streaming platform Netflix as a number of trans and LGBTQ+ employees of the company, and their supporters, organized a walkout today in response to a controversial comedy special by Dave Chappelle.

The Closer has been accused by its critics of being transphobic and anti-LGBTQ+, getting “No Netflix” to trend on Twitter asking people to not watch the streaming platform today, in solidarity with the protesters.

A “list of asks” was also released by protestors, which included things like eliminating references or imagery of Chappelle in the workspace, acknowledging the harm the special causes to the trans community, an investment into trans and non-binary content, putting trans people in higher-up positions at the company, and putting a disclaimer at the beginning of The Closer to warn of its offensive language.

While celebrities such as Elliot Page and Lilly Wachowski expressed their support for the walkout, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos initially defended the special.

Below is a sampling of some of the people calling for “no Netflix,” and as you can tell, there are polarizing views colliding on the Twittersphere right now.

In addition to those in support of the walkout, there were plenty of people out there who openly criticized and voiced their support of Chappelle in particular.

What do you think about the latest controversy surrounding Netflix? For a link to the aforementioned “list of asks,” click here. And don’t forget to leave your comments down below.