The Flash Season 5×11 Synopsis Teases A Grave Injury For Nora


Things are definitely not looking up for Barry Allen when The Flash returns for the back half of its fifth season. This new synopsis for episode 11 of the run, titled “Seeing Red” – not to be confused with the Arrow season 2 episode of the same name – teases that Nora will be badly injured during a fight with current big bad Cicada, leaving the Scarlet Speedster furious over the villain causing his daughter harm and running headfirst into battle.

See for yourself below:


During a battle with Cicada (Chris Klein), Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is severely injured. Due to Cicada’s dampening powers, Nora’s speed healing isn’t working, leaving Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) scared for their daughter’s future. Upset about his injured child, The Flash is filled with rage and confronts Cicada in a brutal battle. Meanwhile, Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) keeps interfering with Caitlin’s work on the cure.

This developments sets up a clear parallel between the two enemies. As previously established, Cicada’s motive to take it out on Central City’s metahumans is the fact that his niece – whom was placed in his care after her parents died – fell into a coma following the events of the season 4 finale. On both ends, the similarity in their scenarios should elicit some sympathy from the two men.

Meanwhile, it looks like Caitlin and Killer Frost will have another “flatshare” problem as the latter keeps interfering with Caitlin’s attempts to find a cure for metahumans – a storyline that’ll kick off in the previous episode, “The Flash & The Furious,” according to its synopsis. Presumably, KF’s scared that Caitlin will use it on her, though she shouldn’t be, seeing as they were only recently reunited.

The Flash “Seeing Red” is due to air on The CW on January 22nd. However, first we have the midseason premiere to look forward to when it arrives this coming Tuesday.

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