Norman Reedus Addresses Possible Daryl/Beta Rematch In Walking Dead Season 10 Finale

Daryl Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans loved Daryl and Beta’s brawl in season 9 episode “Chokepoint” and have wanted to see the survivor fight the Whisperer’s number two again ever since. It hasn’t happened again so far in season 10, so it’s all on the upcoming, long-delayed finale, which is going to wrap up the Whisperer War arc, to make it a reality. Star Norman Reedus, however, is playing down the chances of a rematch occurring in the episode.

Reedus was asked about a potential Daryl/Beta fight in the finale during the virtual TWD panel at [email protected] last Friday and the actor joked that he’s not sure Daryl would like to go toe-to-toe with the giant-sized villain again anytime soon.

“I don’t know, he’s a big guy,” Reedus answered. “I think he’d like to shoot him in the ass with an arrow from a tree, far away.”

Actually, it might not be that Daryl is reluctant to face Beta, but that Reedus is reluctant to shoot another vicious fight like the last one again with Beta star Ryan Hurst and his stunt double.

“Just me personally, Norman, there is that kind of ‘come get me’ thing that you joke between each other, but I took a lot of Excedrin the day after that first fight,” Reedus added. “He’s a big guy. And he’s got a very big stunt guy too, so it all hurts for me.”

Daryl and Beta first faced off in “Chokepoint” when the Whisperer pursued Reedus’ character and Connie after they rescued Henry and Lydia from the villains’ camp. It was a tough, exhausting brawl, but Daryl managed to get the upper hand when he threw Beta down an elevator shaft and escaped with the rest.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the finale delivers one last confrontation between the two enemies or not, but after a six month delay, we’ll find out for sure when The Walking Dead 10×16 “A Certain Doom” finally airs on Sunday, October 4th on AMC.