Norman Reedus posts nostalgic Daryl image ahead of ‘The Walking Dead’ finale


With The Walking Dead airing its last episodes, fans are more emotional about the series than ever before, and they’re not the only ones.

Some of the series’ stars have been sharing photos and behind-the-scenes looks at The Walking Dead in the last few weeks, and Norman Reedus has joined in with a sentimental look at Daryl Dixon — the character we all know and love.

In the most recent episodes, Dixon hasn’t been on his bike nearly as much as he used to be, but fans still know that his motorcycle is like an extra appendage for the character. That leather vest with the fallen angel wings is a nod to who Dixon is, and his arrow completes the picture — Reedus’ last Instagram post is an homage to everything Daryl Dixon is.

When Norman Reedus first auditioned for The Walking Dead, he was reading for the part of Merle Dixon. Reedus’ audition was noteworthy, but the role eventually went to Michael Rooker.

Fans of the series know that Daryl Dixon, Merle’s brother, was a role created specifically for Reedus. The Walking Dead universe is made complete because of the powerhouse of an actor that Reedus is and how those behind the scenes knew he would impact the series for good.

The Walking Dead has been part of our entertainment experience for years, and while there will be spinoffs of the series, knowing this storyline is coming to an end is a strange feeling. You can watch the final episodes of The Walking Dead on AMC on Sunday nights and via Amazon Prime and AMC Plus.

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