Norman Reedus Reveals When He Wants To Leave The Walking Dead


If they kill Daryl, we riot.

For years, that’s been the unofficial slogan among The Walking Dead‘s impassioned community, though fans can be quietly confident about the remainder of season 8, as it seems Mr. Dixon still has a few scores to settle. That’s according to Norman Reedus himself, who just this week revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the current run of the hit zombie drama will wrap up his character’s arc in a “very poetic way.”

Don’t take that to mean that Daryl will be bowing out at the end of season 8, though, as Reedus is hoping to stick around right until the end. Granted, it’s obviously not up to him and as we’ve seen many, many times already, the showrunners don’t usually listen to the actors – or fans, for that matter – when it comes to choosing who they want to kill off. Still, as Reedus says, he loves doing The Walking Dead and isn’t looking to leave before things come to a close.

“I love being on the show. I could do this until it ended. There’s part of me that really wants to bookend the show. I started the show and I want to end the show.”

The actor makes a good point here. He’s been around since the start and it’d be nice to see Daryl still standing when all is said and done. But does that mean he’ll make it through the next few seasons? After all, Carl was also one of the originals, too, and we all know what’s going to happen to him once the show returns next month. Will a similar fate befall Reedus’ character as well? That’s impossible to say, but just remember AMC, if you kill Daryl, we riot.

The Walking Dead shuffles back onto our screens on February 25th, at which point the network will deliver the second, conclusive chapter to season 8. Proving that 2018 is a big, big year for the franchise, AMC has also drawn up plans for Morgan Jones to appear in season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead, thereby exploring exactly what happened to the fan-favorite after he and Rick Grimes went their separate ways back in Atlanta.