Norman Reedus Explains Why The Walking Dead Has Survived So Long

Daryl Walking Dead

The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors who’ve proven to be brave and tough enough to live in a post-apocalyptic world. Likewise, the TV show itself has proven to be unkillable. AMC is currently airing the tenth season, with an eleventh commissioned. And given the increasing number of spinoffs surrounding the parent series, it’s likely it’ll extend for several more years after that, as well.

So, what is it about TWD that has ensured its long life? Star Norman Reedus was asked this question while speaking with Sway in the Morning and offered his take on it. From the perspective of his character, Daryl Dixon, Reedus believes it’s because the storylines keep moving and the characters grow.

“The writers are really good at introducing new characters, new storylines, and keep moving. People have watched this grey on my chin come out of my face. They’ve watched that character go from somebody who would side eye you and try to rip you off, and you couldn’t trust him, to slowly squaring up to you. And when he says something, he means it. He doesn’t lie.”

When the show began, Daryl was a hostile hillbilly, under the influence of his no-good brother Merle, but soon grew into one of the most beloved characters in the TWD universe. Reedus thinks the transformation of Daryl is all down to the family he’s built up over the years since the walkers came.

“He’s found this sense of family with these people that he never would have hung out with if it wasn’t for this apocalypse. So you grow with the characters, I think.”

So far, in this back-half of season 9, Daryl’s been hit by a traumatic loss – as his close friend Connie’s been trapped in a collapsed cave with Magna. The fact that it was Carol’s overzealous need to stop Alpha that caused it makes it all the more tragic. Last episode, he attempted to go back to the cave to free them but fell foul of the Whisperers, though he was thankfully rescued by Lydia. Connie is also expected to return by the end of the run, which could lead to that potential romance actually happening.

We’ll find out what’s next in the ongoing saga of Daryl Dixon as The Walking Dead season 10 continues with episode 10×11 “Morning Star” this Sunday on AMC.