Not Even The Game Of Thrones Cast Know How The Show Will End


Due to countless delays with George R.R. Martin’s final few instalments in his series of Game of Thrones novels, the TV show is in the unique position of having now passed the source material. The author had to provide showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss with an outline of what was to come, however, so that they could crack on with the critically acclaimed HBO drama, and as of right now, they seem to be the only people who know how the epic tale will end.

That’s something Game of Thrones star Kit Harington emphasized recently as he revealed in an interview that neither he nor the rest of the cast is aware of what’s going to happen next. In fact, they’re still waiting on the scripts for the eighth and final season and haven’t been clued in early on the fate of their characters.

“It’s just amazing, in some ways, having no book to go on, because the scripts come through and you’re completely in the dark about what they’re going to do. Believe me, I just finished Season Seven, and I am already counting down the days until I get the Season Eight scripts.

Everyone’s been wondering how it’s going to end, and what’s going to happen right from the get-go, and theorizing about it. It’s really exciting to me not knowing, genuinely having no idea where it’s going to end, what they’ve got in their heads, and being the first to find out.”

Honestly, this makes a lot of sense, especially when it’s so easy for actors to let something slip which could essentially ruin everything that comes next. HBO has had to deal with some episode leaks in the past, but beyond a few set photos here and there, they’ve done a good job of keeping the show’s secrets hidden until it actually airs.

The pressure will really be on with Game of Thrones‘ final year, though, and it’s going to be interesting seeing how the, well, game of thrones, comes to an end. For now, we have the seventh season to look forward to, which should be with us quite soon as it’s set to premiere this summer.

Source: MovieFone