Not reading the room, ‘The Witcher’ showrunner teases another possible spinoff series

Photo via Netflix

The Witcher fans are still distraught over the news of Henry Cavill’s departure from the series, but Netflix is planning to milk this franchise for as long as they’re able, and regardless of who portrays their Geralt of Rivia. Come to think of it, Lauren S. Hissrich and her team seem to think the Witcher world is not all about the titular monster hunter despite all the evidence to the contrary, and the latest proof of this creative presumption comes courtesy of a new interview.

In a new interview with the Polish outlet Gazeta, Hissrich explains why Sapkowski is different from Tolkien in that the writer allows them to add things to the story he didn’t write himself. Further teasing what that will entail for the cinematic universe on Netflix, here’s what the showrunner had to say.

“We could go back to the roots and genesis of particular events for a really long time,” said Hissrich. “I was also wondering what the golden age of the Elves was like because it seems so romantic. This may not be a popular opinion among The Witcher fans, but I have a feeling that these stories are waiting to be discovered. There are so many directions in which you can go and constantly develop them.”

With CD Projekt Red developing several games, re-releasing Wild Hunt, and even Netflix putting out Blood Origin next week, this certainly has all the makings of a proper holiday period for every Witcher fan. Despite obviously hinting that Netflix might acquiesce to several more spinoff projects, though, the community might not appreciate all this inventiveness from the writers. But then, I think Hissrich also makes it perfectly clear what she thinks of the community’s opinions.

The Witcher: Blood Origin will premiere on Dec. 25, while the main show’s third season is slated for release sometime in the summer of 2023.