We Now Know When Riverdale Will Reveal Jason Blossom’s Killer

Whenever celebrities engage in social media livestreams, they can go in a variety of directions. There are some who hold their cards very close to their vest like Arrow‘s Stephen Amell and won’t discuss major spoilers until after a given episode has aired, or, there are those who know how to tease us with just the right amount of information. Fortunately, Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale, is proving to be the latter. Well, she doesn’t flat out spoil key plot points, but what she does do is let us know when we should be paying closer attention.

Now, anyone remotely familiar with this series is well aware of what’s serving as its backbone, at least for the first season, and it’s that of the mystery surrounding Jason Blossom’s murder. Truth be told, I was half-expecting the producers to drag this into the second season because, let’s be honest, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for such a thing to happen in the land of television.

Thankfully, we will indeed get some answers in a matter of weeks when, according to Petsch herself, the killer of her onscreen brother will be revealed in episode 12. Whether this is only to the viewer or if main characters are also let in on the secret remains to be seen, but that does give time to explore the fallout in the season finale.

Speaking of Jason, Petsch says that there’s not “much more to share” when it comes to their shared background and hints that her character may endure a bit of growth as we progress toward the second season. While she does seem to relish the opportunity to play the villain, I wouldn’t doubt if various experiences we’ve yet to see humble Cheryl and she’s welcomed into Archie’s inner circle. Hey, anything’s possible at this point.

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