Is An Old Villain Returning In The Doctor Who Season 11 Finale?


Somehow we’ve already reached the end of Doctor Who season 11. The finale of Jodie Whittaker’s debut run as the Time Lord comes to a close with this Sunday’s “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” and fans think it’s going to bring things full circle by featuring the return of the alien enemy from the season premiere.

In “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”, the Doctor and friends faced off against T’Zim-Sha (mockingly called Tim Shaw), a fearsome warrior of the Stenza who wore the teeth of his victims on his face as trophies. He survived the end of the adventure, being teleported back to his homeworld, so fans thought that there could be a chance that he was due a second appearance. This theory gained more traction when the Stenza were referenced in episode 2, “The Ghost Monument” as well.

Now, the promo released for the finale has got viewers thinking that they were right all along and the Stenza are indeed coming back for the episode. The “Next Time” trailer that aired immediately after episode 9, “It Takes You Away,” featured a voiceover of an unseen creature, saying in a guttural voice: “You gave me my destiny.”

For further proof, the online promo for the episode uses slightly different footage and in this one, we see the Doctor reacting to an unheard voice, stating: “I know that voice.” Maybe the heroine’s line follows on from the previously-heard one about someone’s destiny?

If we’re on the right track here, then what exactly is T’Zim-Sha talking about? Perhaps he undertook a new mission after battling the Doctor, one that’s led him to this war on Ranskoor Av Kolos, and he believes that the Doctor’s responsible for putting him on this path and giving him his destiny?

Alternatively, maybe we’re barking up the wrong tree and the Stenza aren’t returning, after all. Who knows, maybe the frog in the chair from last night’s episode will be back instead?

Either way, be sure to catch Doctor Who‘s season 11 finale on BBC America this Sunday, December 9th.