Olicity May Encounter Some Trouble This Week On Arrow


Having kept up with the current season of Arrow, I can’t help but notice how it appears as though Oliver Queen is having his life torn down around him. He may have reconnected with his estranged son, sure, but the new recruits have gone about their own business, Thea recently split town, and now John Diggle has left the Emerald Archer’s crusade in favor of a position at ARGUS. It couldn’t possibly get worse for the poor guy, right?

Well, it just might because actress Emily Bett Rickards sat down with TV Line not long ago to discuss the show’s immediate future, saying how the falling out with Dig may spill over into Felicity Smoak’s relationship with Oliver:

“Things get pretty emotional. It’s like your best friend breaking up with you. Felicity was there when it happened and she tried to play mediator best she could, but words cut deep and things transpire…. There’s a fracture in the spine of OTA.”

Shortly thereafter, she expanded upon the situation by adding the following:

“She does the best she can, but as you are usually when you want to have somebody’s side so strongly, she’s a little bit biased. She still believes in their journey in front of them, and still wants to believe. And I think wanting to believe is, like, 95 percent of it some of the time. Without that belief, there are lives at stake. She wants to make sure she can keep things all together.”

Now, if you surmise this may have a significant effect on the “Olicity” dynamic, know that Rickards offered a cryptic statement in the form of “Yeah, I think so…,” perhaps giving you “shippers” out there reason to bite your nails. And if you think that section of the fanbase isn’t rabid, then believe me when I say someone once said I’m not a real fan of the show because I’m not of the “Olicity” crowd – and I actually cosplay as the Green Arrow!

To find out what lies ahead for Star City’s premier set of lovebirds, be sure to check out Arrow tonight on The CW.

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